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After the completion of a bankruptcy, you may be concerned with your credit health.
Most feel their credit is completely ruined following a bankruptcy, with Arizona Debt Solutions by your side, this is not the case. We have helped THOUSANDS of clients repair their credit after a bankruptcy and take pride in knowing we truly helped change lives for the better!

At Arizona Debt Solutions we have many different ways to rebuild your credit to improve your financial future. There are plenty of ways to do this. The first step is obtaining your credit report so we can analyze your particular credit situation after the fact. We must ensure that all of the debt discharged from your bankruptcy is reflecting on your current report.

The first steps to rebuilding your credit would be securing a secured credit card. A secured credit card is a card that you pre-pay and borrow against. These can be obtained at 90% of major banks and start as little as $200! We’ve seen scores go up 100 points in as little as 6 months with JUST a secured card. In some cases, purchasing a home or vehicle (and making on-time payments) will also build up your credit.

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While there are many ways to improve your financial outlook, it can be complicated. To receive the best results and to not waste any time, we highly suggest contacting our office to let our professional staff handle this matter. Our expert staff will take the time to review your current credit report and determine which step’s’ we need to take in order to improve your credit.

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