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Chapter 13 is a great option for those with a stable income but unable to meet the current financial obligations they’re facing. If a client is able to repay SOME of the debt then a chapter 13 bankruptcy allows them to restructure that debt through the court while discharging it in a certain amount of time. If this is you, you NEED to consult the team at Arizona Debt Solutions before making the decision to file.

While the process of filing for bankruptcy can be very stressful, the law offices of Arizona Debt Solutions understands what you’re going through and will get you taken care of! As many Americans do not understand the process of bankruptcy, how it works and how it can affect them we take a caring approach to educating you and handling the process start to finish. Our highly experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorneys are ready to take your call or email to further assist you today!

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When speaking to one of our experts at Arizona Debt Solutions, we will help you make an informed decision on which course of action best suites you! A chapter 13 will restructure your debt, allowing you to pay off your debt in 3 to 5 years. In some chapter 13 cases, you may not have to pay off your outstanding debts and still have them discharged!

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Every chapter 13 creditor is separated into classes. Each creditor class determines how much they will get paid. With the assistance of Arizona Debt Solutions, a combined list of your debts and a chapter 13 plan to pay them will be prepared. Once chapter 13 is filed with the court, any and all calls from collections, law suits, garnishments, foreclosures, repos, and any other collection activities WILL stop, allowing you to switch lanes to the road of financial freedom!

If you are a homeowner, a chapter 13 bankruptcy may be able to save your home as well! Once you speak with a member of Arizona Debt Solutions and we obtain all of your information concerning your financial situation, a chapter 13 plan to save your home can be filed with the bankruptcy court! We are VERY passionate about assisting you resolve your financial issues!

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